As my Domain name suggests, I’m a mother who is trying. Trying to what exactly? Trying to do this and that.  Trying to juggle. Trying to be positive. Trying to ask for advice. Trying to ignore advice that stresses me out. Trying to keep it together. Trying to do laundry often enough. Trying to ensure everyone is happy. Trying to not lose myself in the process. Trying not to let mommy-guilt get to me.

At this point, I’ve made it sound like motherhood is an illness I suffer from. Which of course, is not true. I love motherhood with all its madness and chaos. I don’t always have it altogether but I love my family and my family loves me (I hope!) and that’s more than enough.

I’m blessed to be married to someone who I can laugh and cry with. Someone who has seen me through my best and worst moments and still loves me no matter what. Awwwww.

I am a Primary School teacher by training and profession. I am muslim by birth and by choice. I love sports, the outdoors, literature and writing.  Recently I’ve decided that I like cooking though admittedly I need a lot of practice. I can get very passionate when discussing politics and I am not going to apologise for it (Because we need to have conversations!).

I’m up for anything that involves teaching, motherhood  or play/crafts/activities for children. So if you have any ideas for collaboration do email me at riangraudah@gmail.com .