First try for Hijama


I have been struggling with back pain for about 4 months now.  I’m pretty sure it is because of my bad breastfeeding posture at night. It is really hard to ensure proper posture in the wee hours of the night. Also, my daughter likes to climb on top of me when I’m sleeping, and it really puts a lot of pressure on my back.

I’ve tried going for massages and went to see the doctor.But nothing worked. These past few weeks the pain was really unbearable. I would be stuck in the toilet a long time after bathing my daughter because I could not carry her or stand up.

So a few people recommended me to go for hijama/cupping for some pain relief. I’ve been wanting to try it because of the many promised benefits from this treatment and also because the Prophet s.a.w highly endorsed it.

I was not afraid of the Hijama process itself but I was afraid of not being able to find a credible practitioner.  So a close friend of mine recommended me Mdm Iza,  who does the treatment at her house in Tampines.  She slot me in on Saturday morning and I am very glad I went for it.

The process:

I actually thought that she would use a knife and cut my skin. But she actually used this gun-like equipment that has small needles which pokes lightly on my skin.  It actually feels tingly more than painful. The suction cups were slightly more uncomfortable than the poking. It felt like a pinch. But it wasn’t unbearable. There was a spot on my shoulder where it was painful and when I told the lady she quickly released the pressure and re-did the spot. I would say it is important to find a person who listens to your cues because it made me feel relaxed during the process.

A week after:

The scars faded within a week and now my back no longer look like a twister mat.

I do occasionally get the back pain but it is definitely so much better.

There are so many other benefits of cupping so I think I not only solved my back pain but others as well. Compared to the body massage and the Dr’s visit, I think this is the most value for money.

I do plan to go back for a few more sessions and hopefully resolve this issue once and for all.

For those of you who have reservations going for cupping/hijama treatment.. Let me just assure you, it’s really not scary or painful at all. You should go for it.

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